How To Design a Brand Identity for Your Startup The Right Way

Launching a new startup in any industry, whether it’s tech, retail, cyber, or medical cannabis, is not an easy task. You have to face a fierce level of competition that is almost disheartening. You also need to develop a market position of your brand and that alone may take a lot of effort. Now the […]

How to Hire The Brand Design Agency For Your Startup

Brand design is growing rapidly and it has become a key ingredient for the success of your startup and company as the world becomes increasingly digital. This is especially true for startups, for whom establishing the company’s unique brand and capturing the aesthetic sense of customers is very important at an early stage. However, many […]

How To Designing Your Site To Maximize Inbound Leads

Lead generation is a business process that helps to identify and attract potential customers towards your business. In other words, it’s the exact moment when your potential customers start taking a serious interest in your product, service or business. There are two major types of Leads Inbound lead generation Outbound lead generation In this post, we’ll […]

How to Give Your Brand a Fresh New Look – Design Trends for 2019

Visuals are the most essential part of your website. If your brand looks dynamic and vibrant it’s because of the use of unique and innovative visual design. Interestingly design trends keep evolving early, not only due to trends but also because of technological platforms. As the time changes, innovative, creative, and unique design ideas are […]

Design Tools

Get a roundup of handpicked design news and tools. Get a roundup of handpicked design news and tools.

Flat Design

If you are a designer, you know flat design is all the rage right now.For contest holders, this term may not be as familiar. One thing is for certain flat design is a big trend right now when it  comes to design projects – from logos to letterhead to website design. And if you don’t […]